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English language course - beginners

This course is designed for Total Beginners who have not studied English yet or for those who are stucked/jammed "on the first lesson," and it is difficult for them to get further.

Participants are learning English from the very beginning (the acquaintance with the language, alphabet, pronunciation in English, greetings, introduction to etc.) in order to acquire the necessary vocabulary and mastering the simple tenses, allowing them to speak English effectively in a variety of basic life situations.

The whole process of teaching is friendly and cozy using communicative methods that increase efficiency and better learning to remember vocabulary and sentence structures.

Textbook Face-2-Face Elementary (student's book-SB) with the complementary Workbook (WB) are basic teaching materials. It is necessary to buy them either in our bookstore for the discounted price or in any other bookstore. Books in our language center can be purchased for far lower prices than on the market. This book is accompanied by other useful teaching materials handed from the teacher for free, which give students a lot of support to better manage and revise the curriculum.

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